Use for Finding More Clinical Research Opportunities in 2018!

It's a New Year and it's time to start getting your opportunity pipeline filled!  In this video I explain how clinical researchers SHOULD use to gather more clinical trial opportunities for themselves.  Good luck!


Why I believe every clinical research company needs to use a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  I believe every clinical research organization needs to have a CRM to assist them in keeping up with their business prospects.  In this video I discuss what they are and how much a clinical researcher can benefit by using one.  

Use to get studies for your clinical research site and job opportunities for yourself

I geniunely believe that is the most underappreciated website in the clinical research industry.  Not only is it a portal for patients to find studies, it is also used by research sites and CRO's to find new business opportunities, and it can be utilized by potential clinical research employees or contractors to find their next job in the industry.  

Talk to more people to increase your clinical research opportunities

Want more business opportunities in clinical research?  Good.  Now talk to more people about it.  I know it sounds very simple but trust me, simple does not mean easy.  Stop watching this and go network!

How to transition from a big clinical research site to a startup

Many research clinic owners have ambitions of building large research centers.  While that is a perfectly noble ambition, you must start out small and lay the foundation brick by brick.  In this video I discuss how clinical trial site owners can start off small and scale their way up.  


Clinical Research Site Owner Crash Course

I did a recent podcast in which I explain most of what a new clinical research site owner needs to consider when operating his/her research site.  


we answer a brand new clinical research site owner's questions

I understand that many viewers of this blog are novice clinical research site operators.  In this video we interview a new clinical research site owner's questions on what she can expect.  Apologize in advance for the glitchy audio at times but there are plenty of nuggets in there!

Why Your Clinical Research Site Needs To Diversify It's Study Offerings

All of us clinical research site owners have our study preferences, but we should never become so focused on one type of study that we become unable to sustain a lapse in clinical trials for these particular indications.  In this video I discuss why we should choose to diversify our expertise whenever possible.  

Clinical Research Sites Please Start Requesting Indemnification On Your Contracts

The title says it all.  Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.  


Negotiating your clinical trial budgets too hard?

Many new research clinics are fearful of losing studies and therefore do not push hard enough during their contract and budget negotiations.  In this video I discuss what you should do if you ever find yourself in this situation.  

The Process Of Obtaining Your First Clinical Research Study

I have been speaking to many potential clinical trial site owners lately, and they all naturally inquire about how to go about getting their first study.  In this video I share some strategies for how to accomplish this.  My consulting firm can also help with this as well for a small monthly fee.  

Is It Easy To Open and Run A Clinical Research Facility?

I sat down and answered a viewer's question on the challenges and opportunities that are often associated with opening up and running your own clinical research company.  Is it easy?  I am sure you already know the answer to that: nothing is ever easy.  I do believe, however, that the clinical research industry provides some great opportunities for an entrepreneur to seize.  


Your First PI Will Probably Leave Your Clinical Research Startup Site

I have seen time and time again, both personally, and in my work with clinical research sites all over the world, that a site's Principal Investigator is really what will determine a site's ultimate success or failure.  Typically, and especially with new sites, PI's will ultimately leave their first site either to start their own once they figure out the business aspects, join a competitor, or retire from clinical trials altogether.  Knowing this, research sites should constantly be recruiting new Investigators to join their organizations.   Never get too dependent on one PI!


Should I Be A CRA Or Open My Own Clinical Research Site?

One of the largest groups of viewers surprisingly are CRA's.  I often get approached by CRA's that are considering opening their own clinical trial sites.  In this video I answer one CRA viewer's question on whether she should quit her current job to start a clinic or not.  

How A Clinical Research Study Coordinator Can Become A Research Company Owner

In this video I discuss why I believe the best clinical research site owners are study coordinators themselves.  While there is certainly a lot more to running a business than just being a study coordinator, having the technical expertise required to effectively execute a clinical study is something that cannot be learned overnight, and is not necessarily cheap to outsource.  

What Can A Startup Clinical Trial Site Expect To Make On It's First 2 Studies Ballpark Numbers

In this video, Chris Sauber and I discuss what brand new clinical research centers can make on their first 2 studies.  Please understand that every study is unique and these are just ballpark estimates.  

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Negotiate Contracts and Budgets In Clinical Research Like A Pro Webinar

In one of our recent webinars, Chris and I discussed ways for clinical research sites to get better at negotiating their contracts and budgets.  We share many actionable strategies that can and should get implemented at your clinical research site as soon as possible.  


Don't Overcomplicate Things When You Start Your Own Clinical Research Site

I have spoken to so many prospective clinical research site owners over the past several years and many, if not most, tend to overcomplicate things.  In this video I give advice on what to worry about now and things you can worry about later.  

The Real Way To Motivate Your Clinical Research Coordinators

2017 is looking to be a promising year for those of us research site owners in the clinical research industry.  For established sites, the problem won't necessarily be getting more studies, the main issue will be motivating your clinical research coordinators to enroll subjects, enter data, answer queries, and all of the other millions of responsibilities that generally fall into a study coordinator's lap.  In this video I discuss real and actionable strategies for motivating your study coordinators.  

Always Have A Backup Plan When Running Your Clinical Research Company

Experienced clinical research site owners understand that risks must be mitigated by having contingency plans in place.  In this video I discuss some of the common trouble areas for clinical research entrepreneurs and where they should focus on having backup plans in place.