My Interview With A Cancer Patient Turned Entrepreneur Who Found A Way To Hack Clinical Trials

I was so fortunate to have gotten the chance to meet Jack Whelan on my recent trip to Boston.  Jack has a great story and is really at the forefront of the entire e-patient movement in clinical trials.  Make sure you get a chance to connect with Jack as well!

Don't Overcomplicate Things When You Start Your Own Clinical Research Site

I have spoken to so many prospective clinical research site owners over the past several years and many, if not most, tend to overcomplicate things.  In this video I give advice on what to worry about now and things you can worry about later.  

We Need To Be More Solution Oriented If We Are To Own Our Own Clinical Research Sites

In this video I go off on a semi rant, but one that I feel is necessary in many cases.  If you are going to own your own clinical research site, there will be many challenging situations that will arise.  It will always be easier to find reasons why you shouldn't do something, however, as an entrepreneur, it is your duty to yourself, your employees, and your patients to try to find solutions rather than emphasizing the problems at hand.