If You're A Clinical Research Job Or Study Seeker You Need To Get On This Website Now!

clinicaltrials.gov is a completely underutilized platform for clinical research professionals looking for their next opportunity in the industry.  

Use Clinicaltrials.gov to get studies for your clinical research site and job opportunities for yourself

I geniunely believe that clinicaltrials.gov is the most underappreciated website in the clinical research industry.  Not only is it a portal for patients to find studies, it is also used by research sites and CRO's to find new business opportunities, and it can be utilized by potential clinical research employees or contractors to find their next job in the industry.  

High cra turnover in clinical research. Whats a small cro to do for site issues?

It is no secret that the clinical research industry is unbridled with turnover, particularly amongst the clinical research associates.  In this video I discuss strategies that executives at CRO's can implement to lower this metric.  

Running a clinical research study is a full time job for a study coordinator

If you are a physician or entrepreneur opening up your own clinical research site it is important to understand that you will need a decent study coordinator to run the entire study or studies that you will obtain.  This is a full time position and a completely seperate career from the typical medical staff positions you might be accustomed to.  

The Fastest Way To Get Experience In The Clinical Research Industry

So many viewers want to get started in the clinical research industry either as study coordinators or as clinical research associates (CRA's).  The problem is that most of these positions will not consider the candidate unless they have some prior clinical research experience to show on their resume.  In this video I discuss several actionable strategies for how to go about doing this.  Also, my CRA Academy trains candidates and provides them with experience through our internship program.  Hope you can find some value here.