A Senior Clinical Research Associate Reveals Everything She Knows About The Profession

I had the opportunity to interview one of my CRA Academy instructors in this video.  We discuss her career, good sites vs bad sites, and what a clinical research associate's workload really is like.  


why clinical research sites should read their follow up letters

Whenever a clinical research associate monitors a site, they will send a follow up letter within 2 weeks after the visit.  These letters are important because they contain action items that the site should respond to and resolve prior to the next monitoring visit.  Remember, everything is being tracked in 2018 by CRO's and Sponsors.  Unresolved action items is a BIG one!


How Aspiring Clinical Researchers Can Stay Motivated An Interview With A Senior CRA

With the New Year fast approaching, it may be time to get an extra dose of motivation.  In this video interview with a Senior CRA, we discuss some tactics that clinical research professionals can begin to implement immediately to expand their career opportunities and develop new skills.  


What Novice Clinical Research Associates Should Know

I had an opportunity to interview Daniel Regut, a Senior Clinical Research Associate, on what new CRA's need to keep in mind when it comes to performing their job functions.  There are tons of value bombs in this interview and I hope you are able to take something away from it so you can do a better job as a clinical research professional.   

How A CRA Can Prepare For Their First Interim Monitoring Visit

Clinical Research Associates conduct numerous monitoring visits throughout the course of a clinical trial.  In this video I discuss how a novice CRA can prepare for her first interim monitoring visit.  

Use Clinicaltrials.gov to get studies for your clinical research site and job opportunities for yourself

I geniunely believe that clinicaltrials.gov is the most underappreciated website in the clinical research industry.  Not only is it a portal for patients to find studies, it is also used by research sites and CRO's to find new business opportunities, and it can be utilized by potential clinical research employees or contractors to find their next job in the industry.  

Some typical clinical research associate pain points

In this video I attempt to highlight some common clinical research associate pain points for the aspiring CRA's.  

top 5 things any clinical research employee needs to keep in mind

If you are an employee for any clinical research company, this podcast interview with Darshan Kulkarni should be of interest to you.  Make sure that you completely understand your rights as an employee, and some of the ways to better protect yourself from possible pitfalls during your clinical research career.  

How A Clinical Research Site Can Prepare For Each Of The Different Monitoring Visits

There are different monitoring visits that a site needs to prepare for: site selection visits, site initiation visits, interim monitoring visits, close out visits, and pre-audit visits.  In this video I explain how any clinical research sites can better prepare for these types of monitoring visits.  

How To Prepare For Monitoring Visits As A Clinical Research Associate

This video is for the potential clinical research associates that want to learn how to prepare for their upcoming monitoring visits.  

High cra turnover in clinical research. Whats a small cro to do for site issues?

It is no secret that the clinical research industry is unbridled with turnover, particularly amongst the clinical research associates.  In this video I discuss strategies that executives at CRO's can implement to lower this metric.  

Some Of The Many Opportunities In Clinical Research and How You Can Level Up

There are so many opportunities in the clinical research industry.  At the site level, some are study coordinator, principal investigator, sub investigator, research assistant.  At the CRO level there are CRA's, CTA's, CMA's, medical monitors, project managers.  At Sponsor level there are dozens of others.  What is good about many of these, is one's ability to "level up" over time into more desireable and higher paying positions.  

what is a corrective action plan in clinical research?

When a clinical research site commits a significant protocol deviation, or a consistent pattern of the same errors, a corrective action plan will often be mandated by the Sponsor and CRO.  In this video I explain what a CAP is.  

How A CRA Can Have Effective Site Management With Their Clinical Trial Sites

In this video I answer a viewer's question how how a clinical research associate can have effective site management with their clinical trial sites.  


IP Accountability For Drug Vials and How A Clinical Research Associate Can Conduct A Monitoring Visit

Everything you ever wanted to know about Investigational Product accountability when the IP is stored in a drug vial and not a pill bottle.  


A CRA shares her thoughts with us on which sites get awarded new clinical trials

How important is the clinical research associate and clinical research site dynamic?  In this video interview with a senior CRA, we get into the specifics on how influential CRA's are in awarding sites future clinical trial opportunities.  


When You Have 0 Years Of Experience You Can't Lie Your Way Through A Clinical Research Job Interview

My CRA Academy students know better, but I receive dozens of emails on a weekly basis where candidates are shocked to discover that lying on their resumes is not a winning strategy to land a a job in the clinical research industry.  Go figure.  


Differences Between A Contract CRA and A Salaried CRA in the Clinical Trials Industry

In this video I explain the differences between a contract CRA and a salaried CRA when it comes to job types in the clinical research industry.  


I'm A CRA and Want To Start My Own Clinical Research SMO, Will My Employer Find Out?

One of the largest growing segments of clinical research site owners are CRA's.  In this video I answer a viewer's question on how they can start not only a clinical research site, but a Site Management Organization (SMO).  

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What The 2016 GCP Revisions Mean For You In Clinical Research

2016 gave way for revisions to Good Clinical Practice guidelines.  I did a full writeup on that here. I also discussed my thoughts on the ICH GCP revisions in this video.