How Aspiring Clinical Researchers Can Stay Motivated An Interview With A Senior CRA

With the New Year fast approaching, it may be time to get an extra dose of motivation.  In this video interview with a Senior CRA, we discuss some tactics that clinical research professionals can begin to implement immediately to expand their career opportunities and develop new skills.  


The Real Way To Motivate Your Clinical Research Coordinators

2017 is looking to be a promising year for those of us research site owners in the clinical research industry.  For established sites, the problem won't necessarily be getting more studies, the main issue will be motivating your clinical research coordinators to enroll subjects, enter data, answer queries, and all of the other millions of responsibilities that generally fall into a study coordinator's lap.  In this video I discuss real and actionable strategies for motivating your study coordinators.  

Why Clinical Researchers Need To Get Better At Sales and More Motivational Fuel

If you've ever needed to get motivated, look no further than this video.  Darshan Kulkarni and I discuss why clinical research professionals need to get better at sales, and also, how the sales process typically works in this industry.  

How Clinical Researchers Can Increase Their Business Significantly

I never understood why the idea that as business owners we are actually salespeople has never quite resonated with those of us in the clinical research industry.  We are no different than any other industries in the sense that as owners, entrepreneurs, business development staff or even managers, it is our primary duty to be salespeople for our organizations.