What Can You Do To Keep Your Principal Investigator From Leaving Your Clinical Research Site?

Worried about your Principal Investigator leaving your clinical research site?  Well you probably should be!  What can you do to prevent this?  In short, the answer is not much, however, there are some strategies you could utilize that could help you proactively.  

Your First PI Will Probably Leave Your Clinical Research Startup Site

I have seen time and time again, both personally, and in my work with clinical research sites all over the world, that a site's Principal Investigator is really what will determine a site's ultimate success or failure.  Typically, and especially with new sites, PI's will ultimately leave their first site either to start their own once they figure out the business aspects, join a competitor, or retire from clinical trials altogether.  Knowing this, research sites should constantly be recruiting new Investigators to join their organizations.   Never get too dependent on one PI!


How To Improve Principal Investigator Oversight In Clinical Research

One of the biggest issues that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been focused on lately has been the lack of Principal Investigator (PI) oversight in the clinical trials that they manage.  In this video I suggest some ways that we in the industry can improve PI oversight.  

Not Negotiating Your Clinical Trial Budgets Is A HUGE Red Flag!

Many novice clinical research sites and Investigators feel that they should not negotiate a budget or contract because they fear losing the studies.  This is the furthest thing from the truth, and actually, NOT negotiating your budgets and contracts is a red flag which telegraphs to the Sponsor or CRO that you are inexperienced.  

The Best Way For A Novice PI Or Study Coordinator To Gain Clinical Research Experience

In the clinical research industry, experience matters.  In this video I share some strategies for new Principal Investigators or study coordinators on how they can legitimately beef up the experience on their CV's.  

How Can You Present A Clinical Trial To A Physician With Limited Information?

In an ideal world, when you are presenting a potential clinical study opportunity to a Principal Investigator, one would have the protocol or at least a slide deck available.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and use entrepreneurs have to navigate around this dilemma.  In this video I describe some strategies that I have used in the past and some that may potentially work for you. 



How To Get More Physicians Interested In Clinical Research and Their 2 Biggest Objections

In this video I discuss how a clinical research site or any organization for that matter, should go about getting new physicians to join their companies.  I also discuss the two biggest objectives that I get when personally going out to recruit doctors.  

Is It Mandatory To Attend Clinical Trial Investigator Meetings?

One of the most frequent questions I receive from my startup clinical research clients involve Investigator Meetings.  What occurs at these Investigator Meetings?  Are they mandatory to attend?  Who typically goes?, etc.  Hope this video can help some others out there who are asking these same questions.  

3 Options For Physicians That Are Interested In Running Their Own Clinical Research Sites

This post is for the physicians out there that are considering whether they should run clinical trials of their own.  In this video I suggest three options that I have seen work well for others in the past.  There are, of course, many other possibilities that could and probably have worked for many others, these are simply the three that I have seen most frequently.  


What is a Medical Monitor and Most Physicians Don't Even Know About This Potential Career Goldmine!

No research study is safe without a Medical Monitor. This is why physicians that are able to secure this position are also able to secure a potentially lucrative career. 

Becoming a medical monitor might be a good option because  YOU MAY NOT BE A PI FOREVER.

Becoming a medical monitor might be a good option because YOU MAY NOT BE A PI FOREVER.