we answer a brand new clinical research site owner's questions

I understand that many viewers of this blog are novice clinical research site operators.  In this video we interview a new clinical research site owner's questions on what she can expect.  Apologize in advance for the glitchy audio at times but there are plenty of nuggets in there!

Should I Be A CRA Or Open My Own Clinical Research Site?

One of the largest groups of viewers surprisingly are CRA's.  I often get approached by CRA's that are considering opening their own clinical trial sites.  In this video I answer one CRA viewer's question on whether she should quit her current job to start a clinic or not.  

Clinical Research Site Operations Basic Overview

In this video I interview one of my clinical research study coordinators to get his perspective on what some basic clinical research site operations consist of.  For a complete introduction crash course on clinical research check out this page on my blog.    Some of the topics covered in this interview consist of screening visits, equipment calibration, randomization, data entry, queries and site selection visits.