Talk to more people to increase your clinical research opportunities

Want more business opportunities in clinical research?  Good.  Now talk to more people about it.  I know it sounds very simple but trust me, simple does not mean easy.  Stop watching this and go network!

The Best Way To Get Started in the Clinical Research Industry

So many of you want to get started in the clinical research industry but have no clue how.  In this video I give some advice for those individuals in this situation.  Let me know if any strategies have worked for you in the past.  Here is an article I wrote recently about how you can get started in this line of work without any prior experience.  Hope it helps.  


What To Look For When Hiring A Clinical Research Coordinator

I have owned and operated numerous clinical research sites since roughly 2005. To me it has been quite a learning process as I have hired, trained, retained, fired, partnered with and promoted clinical research study coordinators.  In this video I do my best to give a summary of what traits I think you should look for in your next study coordinator.  Leave your comments below please!