Should I Be A CRA Or Open My Own Clinical Research Site?

One of the largest groups of viewers surprisingly are CRA's.  I often get approached by CRA's that are considering opening their own clinical trial sites.  In this video I answer one CRA viewer's question on whether she should quit her current job to start a clinic or not.  

How Contract Research Organizations Staff CRA's For Particular Clinical Trial Projects

Ever wondered how Contract Research Organizations select which Clinical Research Associates will be put on which clinical trial?  In this video I try to demystify this CRA staffing topic and discuss how the Sponsor can also tend to influence things.  

My Live Interview For An Oncology CRA Job

Through my CRA Academy, I provide students and eventually graduates with interview prep services.  Clinical Research Associates are currently in high demand, especially on the West Coast, and especially in oncology.  In this video I was on a live, unscripted interview.  Please pay attention the questions asked of me and my comments written across the screen in addition to the recruiter's questions.    

Difference between home based, in house, and remote monitoring in clinical research

I know a lot of hopeful Clinical Research Associates may be a little confused in regards to the acronyms and phrases that are often thrown around in our industry.  In this video I explain the difference between home based and in house CRA's.