Why I believe every clinical research company needs to use a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  I believe every clinical research organization needs to have a CRM to assist them in keeping up with their business prospects.  In this video I discuss what they are and how much a clinical researcher can benefit by using one.  

Talk to more people to increase your clinical research opportunities

Want more business opportunities in clinical research?  Good.  Now talk to more people about it.  I know it sounds very simple but trust me, simple does not mean easy.  Stop watching this and go network!

How To Handle Biz Dev and Networking At Clinical Research Conferences

There are literally a dozen or more clinical research conferences one can attend EVERY Month! While this is clearly excessive, smart clinical research professionals can use some effective techniques at the conferences which they do attend.  


Luke, Dan and Chris Discuss Social Media and Clinical Research

Luke Edington from DataPharm Australia (Australia's oldest CRO) interviews Dan Sfera and Chris Sauber from DSCS CRO on the topics of social media, branding, business development, and sales in clinical research.  

sales vs branding in clinical research and what you're not doing enough of to grow your business

What is the difference between sales and branding?  Quite a lot actually.  In this video I discuss ways in which clinical researchers can effectively sell and build a brand simultaneously.  


Why Your Clinical Research Site Needs To Diversify It's Study Offerings

All of us clinical research site owners have our study preferences, but we should never become so focused on one type of study that we become unable to sustain a lapse in clinical trials for these particular indications.  In this video I discuss why we should choose to diversify our expertise whenever possible.  

The 3 Steps To Opening A Clinical Trial Site

It may not be easy to open a clinical research site, but it's certainly not complicated.  As a matter of fact, I believe you only need to concern yourself with 3 things.  What 3 things?  In this video I explain, but the quick answer is:

1.) Doctors

2.) Studies

3.) Patients

How To Use Free Online Tools To Find More Clinical Trial Opportunities, Physicians, and Market Intel

In the last blog post I walked you through how to use Edgar.gov to locate potential studies for your clinical research site.  In this video, I discuss further about Edgar.gov but also share 2 more online resources to help with your overall business development efforts.  

A New Way To Generate Clinical Research Studies That Your Competition Is Not Doing

I recently interviewed Darshan Kulkarni and he taught me a new way to do business development for my clinical research sites and clients.  In this video I walk you through this new strategy that is definitely worth giving a try.  


The Process Of Obtaining Your First Clinical Research Study

I have been speaking to many potential clinical trial site owners lately, and they all naturally inquire about how to go about getting their first study.  In this video I share some strategies for how to accomplish this.  My consulting firm can also help with this as well for a small monthly fee.  

Get More Clinical Trials By Re marketing To Your Existing Study Contacts

I am always blogging about how to reach new customers during your clinical research business development endeavors.  In this video we introduce a new concept: re-marketing to your existing customers.  Sounds easy but I bet many aren't doing it!

Non interventional clinical trial studies

Phase 4 studies are typically easier to recruit patients for, and conduct as a clinical research site.  Novice sites and Investigators may be able to pad their CV's and experience by participating in these trials.  Clinicaltrials.gov is free and lists thousands of non interventional trials.  

Do not make this mistake when filling out your clinical research feasibility surveys

This is a common mistake that many rookie clinical research sites make.  Watch this video so you are not one of them!

How To Get Better At Sales In The Clinical Research Industry

I have been receiving numerous emails regarding how we clinical researchers can improve our sales techniques.  In this video I discuss some concepts that should be considered.  

How Clinical Researchers Can Increase Their Business Significantly

I never understood why the idea that as business owners we are actually salespeople has never quite resonated with those of us in the clinical research industry.  We are no different than any other industries in the sense that as owners, entrepreneurs, business development staff or even managers, it is our primary duty to be salespeople for our organizations.  

How To Get More Physicians Interested In Clinical Research and Their 2 Biggest Objections

In this video I discuss how a clinical research site or any organization for that matter, should go about getting new physicians to join their companies.  I also discuss the two biggest objectives that I get when personally going out to recruit doctors.  

Why SMO's Have Bad Reputations

Site Management Organizations (SMO's) evolved over the past several decades from small research sites to nationwide research networks.  Unfortunately many developed bad reputations and Sponsors as well as CRO's have shied away from using the,  This video explains why, and I also get into some other topics such as how to obtain studies for your company and more.  Enjoy!

Many Different Strategies For Obtaining Clinical Research Studies Are Discussed

Business development is essentially a fancy way of calling it when one business needs to convince another business to work with them.  Clinical research is primarily a business to business endeavor on the backend (when sites or CRO's pitch Sponsors for the right to conduct a study), and a business to consumer endeavor on the front end (sites and CRO's recruiting study participants to enroll in the studies).  In this video, my business partner and I discuss the various ways we have been successful in bringing new studies to our clinics and our clients.  Would love to hear some of your strategies as well Guru Nation!



How To Get Repeat Business in Clinical Trials: The One Minute Guide

Maintaining a high level of professionalism can improve your odds of obtaining future studies with sponsors. Sponsors will also appreciate and respond well to the enrollment power of your site. 

Providing sponsors with clean reliable data is one of the best ways to ensure future contracts.

I Answer Random Clinical Research Questions About Money, Experience, Etc

In this video that was shot right before the Holidays in 2015, I go in depth on numerous clinical trial issues pertaining to research sites, clinical research organizations (CRO's), and site management organizations (SMO's). Budgets and contracts are discussed as well as potential clinical research company profit margins.  I also delve into the ever popular topic of Principal Investigator experience, and how savvy Investigators can establish their research practice.