How to transition from a big clinical research site to a startup

Many research clinic owners have ambitions of building large research centers.  While that is a perfectly noble ambition, you must start out small and lay the foundation brick by brick.  In this video I discuss how clinical trial site owners can start off small and scale their way up.  


Clinical Research Site Owner Crash Course

I did a recent podcast in which I explain most of what a new clinical research site owner needs to consider when operating his/her research site.  


How A Clinical Research Study Coordinator Can Become A Research Company Owner

In this video I discuss why I believe the best clinical research site owners are study coordinators themselves.  While there is certainly a lot more to running a business than just being a study coordinator, having the technical expertise required to effectively execute a clinical study is something that cannot be learned overnight, and is not necessarily cheap to outsource.  

The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Focus On As A New Clinical Research Site Owner

In this video I discuss what new clinical research site owners need to focus on.  There are, of course, many other important items I have left out, however, these 3 basic items are what every new research clinic owner needs to keep in mind.