A Senior Clinical Research Associate Reveals Everything She Knows About The Profession

I had the opportunity to interview one of my CRA Academy instructors in this video.  We discuss her career, good sites vs bad sites, and what a clinical research associate's workload really is like.  


What Novice Clinical Research Associates Should Know

I had an opportunity to interview Daniel Regut, a Senior Clinical Research Associate, on what new CRA's need to keep in mind when it comes to performing their job functions.  There are tons of value bombs in this interview and I hope you are able to take something away from it so you can do a better job as a clinical research professional.   

How A CRA Can Prepare For Their First Interim Monitoring Visit

Clinical Research Associates conduct numerous monitoring visits throughout the course of a clinical trial.  In this video I discuss how a novice CRA can prepare for her first interim monitoring visit.  

Some typical clinical research associate pain points

In this video I attempt to highlight some common clinical research associate pain points for the aspiring CRA's.  

How To Prepare For Monitoring Visits As A Clinical Research Associate

This video is for the potential clinical research associates that want to learn how to prepare for their upcoming monitoring visits.  

Should I Be A CRA Or Open My Own Clinical Research Site?

One of the largest groups of viewers surprisingly are CRA's.  I often get approached by CRA's that are considering opening their own clinical trial sites.  In this video I answer one CRA viewer's question on whether she should quit her current job to start a clinic or not.  

My Live Interview For An Oncology CRA Job

Through my CRA Academy, I provide students and eventually graduates with interview prep services.  Clinical Research Associates are currently in high demand, especially on the West Coast, and especially in oncology.  In this video I was on a live, unscripted interview.  Please pay attention the questions asked of me and my comments written across the screen in addition to the recruiter's questions.    

What Are The 6 Criteria For An SAE In A Clinical Trial?

In this video I talk to Monica (who just finished the CRA Academy) and we discussed an interesting topic that came out of one of the webinars: the 6 criteria that define a serious adverse event (SAE).  


The Fastest Way To Get Experience In The Clinical Research Industry

So many viewers want to get started in the clinical research industry either as study coordinators or as clinical research associates (CRA's).  The problem is that most of these positions will not consider the candidate unless they have some prior clinical research experience to show on their resume.  In this video I discuss several actionable strategies for how to go about doing this.  Also, my CRA Academy trains candidates and provides them with experience through our internship program.  Hope you can find some value here.  

Can CRA's Own Their Own Clinical Research Site?

In this video I answer a question from a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) viewer that was curious about whether or not it was possible for them to open their own clinical research site.  I discuss how this is not only possible, but done quite often.  

Live and Unedited CRA Academy Q&A Session On Job Interviews, Regulatory and Other Clinical Research

As many of you know, I have a CRA Academy where we train potential Clinical Research Associates on the ins and outs of monitoring in clinical trials.  One of the topics that understandably and frequently comes up is job interviews.  In this live and unedited question and answer session, one of our CRA Academy instructors answers many queries revolving around this theme.  


Difference between home based, in house, and remote monitoring in clinical research

I know a lot of hopeful Clinical Research Associates may be a little confused in regards to the acronyms and phrases that are often thrown around in our industry.  In this video I explain the difference between home based and in house CRA's.  

Everything You Need To Know About Clinical Research Drug Accountability

During the course of teaching at my CRA Academy, I realized that many people who are not as familiar with the clinical research industry were getting confused about drug accountability when it comes to clinical trials.  In this video, I break down the most important aspects of clinical trial investigational product drug accountability. 

Don't Get Stumped In Your Next Clinical Research Associate Job Interview

It is no surprise with CRA salaries being at an all time high (starting at 80k???), that the interview process is quite thorough.  Fear not my future CRA friends, I am here to help.  Since I launched my CRA Academy earlier this year in 2016, we have helped quite a few students get through the interview process once they finished our program and gained the required hands on experience.  In this video I discuss what some trap questions are that recruiters, CRO's and Sponsors will ask Clinical Research Associates during their job interviews.  In any case, I figured this video would be of help to some.  Good luck on your future job interviews!