Talk to more people to increase your clinical research opportunities

Want more business opportunities in clinical research?  Good.  Now talk to more people about it.  I know it sounds very simple but trust me, simple does not mean easy.  Stop watching this and go network!

Luke, Dan and Chris Discuss Social Media and Clinical Research

Luke Edington from DataPharm Australia (Australia's oldest CRO) interviews Dan Sfera and Chris Sauber from DSCS CRO on the topics of social media, branding, business development, and sales in clinical research.  

sales vs branding in clinical research and what you're not doing enough of to grow your business

What is the difference between sales and branding?  Quite a lot actually.  In this video I discuss ways in which clinical researchers can effectively sell and build a brand simultaneously.  


How to get clinical trials from your pharma sales reps

The key is in the medical liaisons.  Try this strategy the next time one of your pharmaceutical sales reps visits your doctor's office.  


Don't Overcomplicate Things When You Start Your Own Clinical Research Site

I have spoken to so many prospective clinical research site owners over the past several years and many, if not most, tend to overcomplicate things.  In this video I give advice on what to worry about now and things you can worry about later.  

Get Better At Clinical Research Sales and How Much Money A Research Site Can Actually Make

In this video, Chris Sauber and myself discuss how clinical researcher entrepreneurs can get better at sales, and how much money a startup clinical research site can realistically make.  I hope you find some value in this 20 minute video.  

How To Get Better At Sales In The Clinical Research Industry

I have been receiving numerous emails regarding how we clinical researchers can improve our sales techniques.  In this video I discuss some concepts that should be considered.  

Why Clinical Researchers Need To Get Better At Sales and More Motivational Fuel

If you've ever needed to get motivated, look no further than this video.  Darshan Kulkarni and I discuss why clinical research professionals need to get better at sales, and also, how the sales process typically works in this industry.  

How Clinical Researchers Can Increase Their Business Significantly

I never understood why the idea that as business owners we are actually salespeople has never quite resonated with those of us in the clinical research industry.  We are no different than any other industries in the sense that as owners, entrepreneurs, business development staff or even managers, it is our primary duty to be salespeople for our organizations.  


For those of us who work in the clinical research industry, we are sometimes unaware of the fact that Sponsors spend even more money on advertising and selling their drugs than they do on research and development to produce them.  It is very easy for us researchers to get lost in our own little (big) segment of the industry to pay much attention to the sales aspect.   In this video, Darshan Kulkarni joins the Guru Nation to discuss advertising and sales regulations when it comes to drug manufacturers, and what us researchers may be interested in learning more about.  I hope this interview is able to provide some value for you!



Many Different Strategies For Obtaining Clinical Research Studies Are Discussed

Business development is essentially a fancy way of calling it when one business needs to convince another business to work with them.  Clinical research is primarily a business to business endeavor on the backend (when sites or CRO's pitch Sponsors for the right to conduct a study), and a business to consumer endeavor on the front end (sites and CRO's recruiting study participants to enroll in the studies).  In this video, my business partner and I discuss the various ways we have been successful in bringing new studies to our clinics and our clients.  Would love to hear some of your strategies as well Guru Nation!