What Is A CTMS In A Clinical Trial?

In this video, I interview the founder of a clinical trial technology startup company and ask her for her definition of what a ctms is and what the practical implications are for sites that utilize clinical trial management systems.  


Use Twitch.tv To Recruit For Your Clinical Research Studies

We try to provide fresh strategies for many activities in clinical research on a regular basis.  In this video we discuss how Twitch.tv, an online video game streaming platform, could possibly help you recruit more patients for your clinical trials.  


Get More Clinical Trials By Re marketing To Your Existing Study Contacts

I am always blogging about how to reach new customers during your clinical research business development endeavors.  In this video we introduce a new concept: re-marketing to your existing customers.  Sounds easy but I bet many aren't doing it!

Questions On Electronic Informed Consents, the Future of Clinical Research, and More!

Creating so much content on YouTube these days that here we are in March and I am just now getting to posts from around the Holidays!  Ignore the giveaway contest at the beginning as I already had several winners, and get to the meat of this clinical research video jam packed with practical content!  In this video I discussed electronic informed consents, the future of wearable technologies in clinical trials, and also where I think the industry is headed in regards to big data, risk based monitoring, remote monitoring and more.  Check it out and let me hear your comments below!