Luke, Dan and Chris Discuss Social Media and Clinical Research

Luke Edington from DataPharm Australia (Australia's oldest CRO) interviews Dan Sfera and Chris Sauber from DSCS CRO on the topics of social media, branding, business development, and sales in clinical research.  

How Clinical Researchers Can Use LinkedIn To Create Opportunities For Themselves

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful and popular platform for the clinical research industry.  In this video, I give examples for how anyone in this industry can leverage LinkedIn to build a reputation and personal brand for themselves and eventually create opportunities to further their careers.  

Use To Recruit For Your Clinical Research Studies

We try to provide fresh strategies for many activities in clinical research on a regular basis.  In this video we discuss how, an online video game streaming platform, could possibly help you recruit more patients for your clinical trials.  


When Does IRB Advertising Approval Become Necessary In A Clinical Trial?

Since there are very few if any guidelines in the clinical research industry when it comes to social media study participant recruitment, I decided to make this video offering some practical advice on how I would handle certain scenarios.  Always check with your own Institutional Review Board to be on the safe side.

When Does Using Social Media Cross The Line When It Comes To Clinical Trial Patient Confidentiality

Social media is certainly creating an altogether new category for regulatory and IRB oversight.  In this video I give my personal opinion of when utilizing tools like social media require IRB oversight.  Let me know your thoughts.