The 3 Steps To Opening A Clinical Trial Site

It may not be easy to open a clinical research site, but it's certainly not complicated.  As a matter of fact, I believe you only need to concern yourself with 3 things.  What 3 things?  In this video I explain, but the quick answer is:

1.) Doctors

2.) Studies

3.) Patients

How can a cra communicate the importance of pi oversight to a physician in a clinical trial

Principal Investigator oversight has long been a hot topic in the industry and one of particular importance to the FDA.  In this video I answer a viewer question on how a CRA can communicate the importance of principal investigator oversight to the PI.


Does A PI Have To Be An MD In Clinical Trials? How A Non-Physician Can Still Do Clinical Research!

usually Principal Investigators are required to be licensed physicians when it comes to participating in clinical trials.  Non physicians such as chiropractors, registered nurses, physician assistants are typically relegated to sub investigator positions.  There are however, always exceptions to the rules.  

How To Find Physicians For Rare or Pediatric Indications in Clinical Trials

Sometimes as a clinical research site owner (or perhaps even as a CRO or a Sponsor), you will come across a scenario where you will need to partner with a specialist for a rare disease or indication.  In this video I make some suggestions for how to go about doing this.  My CRO has already begun to implement some of these strategies.  

How Can A Doctor Who Is Interested In Clinical Research Get Involved?

In this video i discuss different ways that physicians can get involved in clinical research.  Every individual situation is unique, but the great thing about the clinical research industry is that there are many possibilities.  

How To Find PI's For Your Clinical Research Company

In this video, Chris Sauber and I discuss in depth strategies for how to expand your principal investigator network for your clinical research company.  

3 Actionable Ways To Recruit More Physicians For Your Clinical Research Site

Research sites should always be looking towards expanding their physician network when it comes to their clinical research business.  In this video, Chris and I give 3 actionable ways any research site owner can begin doing immediately!

The Basic Items To Discuss With A Physician When Recruiting Them To Work With Your Clinical Research

Many brand new research sites are struggling to find Principal Investigators for their various clinical trials.  In this video I share a few ideas on what and how to present to a potential PI once you have identified a few potential candidates.  


How To Pay Your Sub Investigator In A Clinical Research Study

I have done many videos of this sort in the past but have usually focused on strategies for paying Principal Investigators.  In this particular video, I discuss some creative ways to reimburse your sub investigators that you end up inevitably working with at your clinical trial sites.  What are some of the ways you have compensated sub investigators?

Questions On Electronic Informed Consents, the Future of Clinical Research, and More!

Creating so much content on YouTube these days that here we are in March and I am just now getting to posts from around the Holidays!  Ignore the giveaway contest at the beginning as I already had several winners, and get to the meat of this clinical research video jam packed with practical content!  In this video I discussed electronic informed consents, the future of wearable technologies in clinical trials, and also where I think the industry is headed in regards to big data, risk based monitoring, remote monitoring and more.  Check it out and let me hear your comments below!