How To Improve Clinical Trial Diversity? The Key May Be In Sub-Investigator

While everyone talks about improving study participant diversity in clinical research, the key to the whole puzzle might be the sub-investigator's involvement.  

The 3 Steps To Opening A Clinical Trial Site

It may not be easy to open a clinical research site, but it's certainly not complicated.  As a matter of fact, I believe you only need to concern yourself with 3 things.  What 3 things?  In this video I explain, but the quick answer is:

1.) Doctors

2.) Studies

3.) Patients

Being A Patient Recruiter Can Be Your Trojan Horse Into The Clinical Research Industry

i have said it time and time again but will continue say it: the best way to gain entry level experience in the clinical research industry is to start recruiting patients for clinical research centers in your area.  This can work for anyone who would like to be a study coordinator or a clinical research associate (as long as they meet minimum educational requirements).  

How To Get Clinical Trial Patient Referrals From A Hospital

I recently received a question from a viewer who works for a research clinic that is associated to a large hospital.  I give some advice on how this site director can go about getting clinical trial patient referrals from these large hospital systems that tend to not have much (if any) interest in clinical research.  While these situations may be difficult, it is not impossible, and there is an opportunity for a good amount of success in many cases.  

What To Do When Your Patient Database Is Not Enough For Your Clinical Trial Recruitment Needs

An all too familiar scenario that most clinical research sites will all eventually face is that their patient database is not as expansive as they initially assumed, and as a result, their study enrollment is not as efficient as it could be.  In this video I explain what some sites can do when approached by this situation.  

How To Solve The Patient Recruitment Problem In Clinical Trials Once and For All!

Patient recruitment is by far and away the biggest barrier for bringing new treatments and cures to the marketplace.  


DIA 2016 Wrap Up and The Future Of Clinical Trials

In this video, I interviewed Luke Edington of DataPharm , Australia's oldest CRO.  We discussed DIA 2016 conference which occurred in June 2016 and covered all of the trends and hot topics in the clinical research industry these days.  



Lots Of Actionable Clinical Research Patient Recruitment Strategies

There is so much hyperbole revolving around patient recruitment for clinical trials these days that it is very difficult to find content that gives actual practical advice that anyone can begin implementing immediately.  Buzzwords and industry jargon such as "patient centricity" and others sound great but do very little in the way of actually getting more patients into trials.  In this video, Monica and I discuss several action oriented strategies to help you out in your clinical trial recruitment efforts.




Is it a good idea to doorknock other physician offices for clinical trial patient referrals?

It is no mystery that patient recruitment is the single biggest barrier to the success of most clinical trials.  One possible method for improving recruitment at the research site level is perhaps door knocking other medical practices and physician offices in order to get patient referrals from them.  As most things go, this is far easier said than done, and it is my personal belief that most sites simply do not do enough if any door knocking of their own for a multitude of reasons that would probably make for an excellent follow up blog post.