Amazon, Apple, Google Getting Into Pharma! An interview with an expert

I brought on regular interview guest, Darshan Kulkarni, to discuss the current state of events in the clinical research industry, paying specific attention to Amazon, Apple and Google all flirting with the idea of being clinical trial disruptors.  Will be interesting to see how this develops in 2018!


How A Physician Assistant Bought His Own Clinical Research Site And Grew A Profitable Company

I got to site down with an entrepreneurial physician's assistant who started his own clinical research company.  Angel is not only extremely knowledgeable, but he is extremely generous of his time.  Feel free to obtain some nuggets of wisdom from this interview and reach out with any questions!


Luke, Dan and Chris Discuss Social Media and Clinical Research

Luke Edington from DataPharm Australia (Australia's oldest CRO) interviews Dan Sfera and Chris Sauber from DSCS CRO on the topics of social media, branding, business development, and sales in clinical research.  

A CRA shares her thoughts with us on which sites get awarded new clinical trials

How important is the clinical research associate and clinical research site dynamic?  In this video interview with a senior CRA, we get into the specifics on how influential CRA's are in awarding sites future clinical trial opportunities.  


Why Medication Costs 1 Million Dollars A Day To Create

Why do drugs cost so much? In this interview with Darshan Kulkarni we discuss the reason behind these prices and why Sponsors spend on average 1 million dollars per DAY to develop one drug!


Clinical Research Job Interview Tips and Strategies

Many individuals are seeking to make a career change or perhaps obtain a role with more responsibilities and pay.  I discuss some strategies that anyone in the clinical research industry can implement in their next clinical trial job interview.  


My Live Interview For An Oncology CRA Job

Through my CRA Academy, I provide students and eventually graduates with interview prep services.  Clinical Research Associates are currently in high demand, especially on the West Coast, and especially in oncology.  In this video I was on a live, unscripted interview.  Please pay attention the questions asked of me and my comments written across the screen in addition to the recruiter's questions.    

DIA 2016 Wrap Up and The Future Of Clinical Trials

In this video, I interviewed Luke Edington of DataPharm , Australia's oldest CRO.  We discussed DIA 2016 conference which occurred in June 2016 and covered all of the trends and hot topics in the clinical research industry these days.  



Clinical Research Project Manager Interview Questions

On this blog, I try to give practical advice to anyone who may be interested in learning more about the clinical research industry.  While a lot of attention has been given to the research sites, CRA's, and the like, not very much has been said about project managers.  In this video I discuss some common interview questions that a CRO or a pharmaceutical company might ask of any potential project manager candidate.  Hope this can help some of you out!