When Does IRB Advertising Approval Become Necessary In A Clinical Trial?

Since there are very few if any guidelines in the clinical research industry when it comes to social media study participant recruitment, I decided to make this video offering some practical advice on how I would handle certain scenarios.  Always check with your own Institutional Review Board to be on the safe side.

Why Pharma Sponsors Spend Too Much Money On Their Clinical Trials and How To Reduce This Waste

In this video, Chris and I pull back the curtain a bit on the overspending and quite frankly wasteful allocation of resources in clinical trials.  Let me know your thoughts.


For those of us who work in the clinical research industry, we are sometimes unaware of the fact that Sponsors spend even more money on advertising and selling their drugs than they do on research and development to produce them.  It is very easy for us researchers to get lost in our own little (big) segment of the industry to pay much attention to the sales aspect.   In this video, Darshan Kulkarni joins the Guru Nation to discuss advertising and sales regulations when it comes to drug manufacturers, and what us researchers may be interested in learning more about.  I hope this interview is able to provide some value for you!