Central Monitoring and Adaptive Monitoring Plans In Clinical Research

Central Monitoring and Adaptive Monitoring Plans are techniques frequently utilized in risk based monitoring approaches.  In this video I attempt to shed some light on these topics and terminology.


How To Reduce Clinical Trial Inefficiencies In 2017

There is a lot of waste in the clinical research industry.  I am not just talking about wasted money, I am also talking about wasting other people's time and efforts.  In this interview with Luke Edington from DataPharm (Australia's oldest CRO), I discuss ways in which Contract Research Organizations such as my own can help improve efficiency in this industry.  I hope you enjoy!

DIA 2016 Wrap Up and The Future Of Clinical Trials

In this video, I interviewed Luke Edington of DataPharm , Australia's oldest CRO.  We discussed DIA 2016 conference which occurred in June 2016 and covered all of the trends and hot topics in the clinical research industry these days.  



What Distinguishes Good Sites From Bad Sites, The Future Of Clinical Trials and More

Sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CRO's) are beginning to track metrics such as the length of time that it takes for sites to react to study needs. Although these reports are slowly entering the field of research, they are expected to affect every research site. 

Sponsors and CRO's are taking a new approach to site selection.

Sponsors and CRO's are taking a new approach to site selection.

Questions On Electronic Informed Consents, the Future of Clinical Research, and More!

Creating so much content on YouTube these days that here we are in March and I am just now getting to posts from around the Holidays!  Ignore the giveaway contest at the beginning as I already had several winners, and get to the meat of this clinical research video jam packed with practical content!  In this video I discussed electronic informed consents, the future of wearable technologies in clinical trials, and also where I think the industry is headed in regards to big data, risk based monitoring, remote monitoring and more.  Check it out and let me hear your comments below!

Interview With Ibs Mahmood DrugDev CEO On Where The Clinical Research Industry Is Headed

I was fortunate enough to have one of the industry's most innovative CEO's, Ibs Mahmood from Drug Dev come on the show and share his insights in regards to what is happening in the clinical research industry.  We especially dive into issues such as clinical trial site payments, how risk based monitoring is affecting research clinics, and also how big data is allowing for transparent and clear site metrics to be tracked and shared by and amongst sponsors and CRO's.