There are no shortcuts to clinical trial patient recruitment

There is a reason why clinical trial patient recruitment is one of the industry's biggest challenges.  I am sorry to tell you that there are no shortcuts in this regard.  


How To Get Clinical Trial Patient Referrals From A Hospital

I recently received a question from a viewer who works for a research clinic that is associated to a large hospital.  I give some advice on how this site director can go about getting clinical trial patient referrals from these large hospital systems that tend to not have much (if any) interest in clinical research.  While these situations may be difficult, it is not impossible, and there is an opportunity for a good amount of success in many cases.  

What To Do When Your Patient Database Is Not Enough For Your Clinical Trial Recruitment Needs

An all too familiar scenario that most clinical research sites will all eventually face is that their patient database is not as expansive as they initially assumed, and as a result, their study enrollment is not as efficient as it could be.  In this video I explain what some sites can do when approached by this situation.  

How To Motivate and Keep Track Of Physician Referrals in Clinical Research

I received a question from a research site that deals with numerous physicians and luckily for them, numerous patient referrals.  In this video I offer some guidance on how they could possibly keep these physicians motivated to continue referring, as well as how to logistically handle these referrals.