what a site can do when physicians are not allowing their patients to join your clinical trial

Physicians that do not understand clinical research will naturally be resistant to referring their patients into clinical research trials.  In this video I share some strategies that clinical research sites can utilize to encourage physician-patient referrals    


You Have To Follow Up With Your Physicians For Patient Referrals In Clinical Trials

I constantly talk about how the key to study participant recruitment in clinical research lies within the private practice of the referring physicians.  In this video I reemphasize this point but also urge viewers to follow up with those physicians as the referrals rarely (if ever) come automatically.  


How To Find Physicians For Rare or Pediatric Indications in Clinical Trials

Sometimes as a clinical research site owner (or perhaps even as a CRO or a Sponsor), you will come across a scenario where you will need to partner with a specialist for a rare disease or indication.  In this video I make some suggestions for how to go about doing this.  My CRO has already begun to implement some of these strategies.  

How Can A Doctor Who Is Interested In Clinical Research Get Involved?

In this video i discuss different ways that physicians can get involved in clinical research.  Every individual situation is unique, but the great thing about the clinical research industry is that there are many possibilities.  

3 Actionable Ways To Recruit More Physicians For Your Clinical Research Site

Research sites should always be looking towards expanding their physician network when it comes to their clinical research business.  In this video, Chris and I give 3 actionable ways any research site owner can begin doing immediately!

Is it a good idea to doorknock other physician offices for clinical trial patient referrals?

It is no mystery that patient recruitment is the single biggest barrier to the success of most clinical trials.  One possible method for improving recruitment at the research site level is perhaps door knocking other medical practices and physician offices in order to get patient referrals from them.  As most things go, this is far easier said than done, and it is my personal belief that most sites simply do not do enough if any door knocking of their own for a multitude of reasons that would probably make for an excellent follow up blog post.