The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Focus On As A New Clinical Research Site Owner

In this video I discuss what new clinical research site owners need to focus on.  There are, of course, many other important items I have left out, however, these 3 basic items are what every new research clinic owner needs to keep in mind.  

Clinical Trial Recruitment That Works!

In this webinar, Monica and myself discuss some patient recruitment strategies that any clinical research site could implement and put into practice today!



When Does Using Social Media Cross The Line When It Comes To Clinical Trial Patient Confidentiality

Social media is certainly creating an altogether new category for regulatory and IRB oversight.  In this video I give my personal opinion of when utilizing tools like social media require IRB oversight.  Let me know your thoughts.  

How A Hospital and A Private Clinical Research Site Can Merge

I received a unique question from a viewer that touched upon numerous issues that might be of importance to some other audience members.  The first would be the difference between academic and industry funded clinical trials.  Another issue would be mergers and acquisitions amongst research sites.  Finally, a great amount of explanation into fundamental clinical research site operations was discussed.  I hope you find value here.  

What Does A Monitoring Plan Consist Of In A Clinical Research Study?

While I have never been nor do I have any plans on being a CRA, I do work with many CRA's on a regular basis, most notably with the CRA's who teach my CRA Academy every week.  I know that one of the questions that often come up during CRA job interviews is in regards to monitoring plans and what they are.  In this video I try to explain the topic and share some of my knowledge to the best of my ability.  Feel free to chime in with your experiences in the comments section below.  




Don't Get Stumped In Your Next Clinical Research Associate Job Interview

It is no surprise with CRA salaries being at an all time high (starting at 80k???), that the interview process is quite thorough.  Fear not my future CRA friends, I am here to help.  Since I launched my CRA Academy earlier this year in 2016, we have helped quite a few students get through the interview process once they finished our program and gained the required hands on experience.  In this video I discuss what some trap questions are that recruiters, CRO's and Sponsors will ask Clinical Research Associates during their job interviews.  In any case, I figured this video would be of help to some.  Good luck on your future job interviews!

What Is The Difference Between an IND and a NDA in Clinical Research?

Many people often confuse or use the acronyms IND and NDA interchangeably.  In this video I explain the differences in meaning between an IND and an NDA in clinical research.