What A New Study Coordinator Should Do Their First Few Days At Their New Clinical Research Site

If you have just been hired as a study coordinator, this video walks you through what you are most likely to expect during your first couple of weeks.  You will feel overwhelmed in most cases, but things eventually do tend to even out over time.  


The Fastest Way To Get Experience In The Clinical Research Industry

So many viewers want to get started in the clinical research industry either as study coordinators or as clinical research associates (CRA's).  The problem is that most of these positions will not consider the candidate unless they have some prior clinical research experience to show on their resume.  In this video I discuss several actionable strategies for how to go about doing this.  Also, my CRA Academy trains candidates and provides them with experience through our internship program.  Hope you can find some value here.  

A Study Coordinator's Perspective On Clinical Research Database Locks

Ever wondered what a database lock entails?  Furthermore, are you like some of my CRA Academy students  where you would like to get an actual clinical research study coordinator's perspective on what a database lock entails?  If so, then you've come to the right blog post.  I hope this video will help you better understand clinical trial database locks and what they entail.  

The Best Way For A Novice PI Or Study Coordinator To Gain Clinical Research Experience

In the clinical research industry, experience matters.  In this video I share some strategies for new Principal Investigators or study coordinators on how they can legitimately beef up the experience on their CV's.