The Practical Implications Of GCP Revisions For CRA's and Clinical Research Coordinators

In late 2016, the FDA revised the ICH GCP guidelines.  You can read all about it on my news blog here.   In this video I give my personal commentary on how I think this will affect Clinical Research associates and Contract Research Organizations.  

How Contract Research Organizations Staff CRA's For Particular Clinical Trial Projects

Ever wondered how Contract Research Organizations select which Clinical Research Associates will be put on which clinical trial?  In this video I try to demystify this CRA staffing topic and discuss how the Sponsor can also tend to influence things.  

What Kind Of Services Does A CRO Provide?

In my process of launching my own CRO startup, I have broken down what a CRO typically does into tiny manageable chunks that we can look into and learn from.  New business models are created when inefficiencies are discovered in the previous ones.  In fact, the inefficiencies of the drugmakers during the clinical trial process is precisely what paved the way for modern day CRO's.  These days, the riches are in the niches as new inefficiencies emerge due to new technologies.  

What Are The Inner Workings Of A CRO In A Clinical Trial?

One of my goals this year was to get my Contract Research Organization up and running.  In this video I explain exactly what a CRO consists of, and we take a look under the hood of a typical CRO.