Some Of The Many Opportunities In Clinical Research and How You Can Level Up

There are so many opportunities in the clinical research industry.  At the site level, some are study coordinator, principal investigator, sub investigator, research assistant.  At the CRO level there are CRA's, CTA's, CMA's, medical monitors, project managers.  At Sponsor level there are dozens of others.  What is good about many of these, is one's ability to "level up" over time into more desireable and higher paying positions.  

How To Bootstrap Your Own Contract Research Organization

In the quest of launching my own Contract Research Organization this year, I have stumbled across several strategies for bootstrapping your own CRO.  Mind you however, my team has been laying the foundation for this CRO for the past decade so while we are only now offering our full CRO services, we have been gathering our resources for quite some time.  While the infrastructure we have laid out may not be practical for a brand new startup, many of these bootstrapping activities and strategies might.  


Sponsors, CRO's and Research Sites: A Bird's Eye View Of How These Pieces Fit Together In A Clinical Trial

In the clinical research industry, it is quite easy to get lost in the details of what we are actually doing.  For new entrants into the field, I have already created a 2 hour crash course of what clinical research entails,  however I realize many of you are still having a hard time understanding the bigger picture in this line of work.  In this interview I conducted with a brand new student who has enrolled in my CRA Academy, I answer some of his questions and give him a general overview of the entire clinical research industry including many of the key moving parts.  I hope this will be able to help many others out there!

What is a Medical Monitor and Most Physicians Don't Even Know About This Potential Career Goldmine!

No research study is safe without a Medical Monitor. This is why physicians that are able to secure this position are also able to secure a potentially lucrative career. 

Becoming a medical monitor might be a good option because  YOU MAY NOT BE A PI FOREVER.

Becoming a medical monitor might be a good option because YOU MAY NOT BE A PI FOREVER.