What Research Sites Need To Know About Site Selection Visits In Clinical Trials

New (and sometimes even experienced) clinical research sites may be anxious about their upcoming clinical trial site selection visits.  CRO's and Sponsors use these visits to determine an Investigator's interest, and a site's ability, to conduct a clinical research study.  

A Clinical Research Site Owner's First 6 Months in Business

In today's video, I interviewed a research clinic owner in Louisville, KY who approached my consulting firm about starting up his own research clinic.  Six moths later, his site was profitable with numerous clinical trials ongoing.  In this interview we discuss the startup process and what new research clinic owners can expect.


You Can Outsource Just About Any Function In Clinical Research

Clinical trials can get quite complex and many research clinics have started noticing even more complicated protocols as the number of total research sites continues to increase every year.  It is no wonder that many site directors and study coordinators may get intimidated when confronted with a particular assessment, or perhaps a piece of equipment that the Sponsor requires the site to have.  Fortunately, everything and anything can be outsourced by the site to specialists who routinely conduct said assessments.  As a general rule, I never tell a Sponsor that I cannot do something.  If I am unsure of what they are even referring to, I still reply with "I will find out for you".  Hope this helps!

What Are The Most Important Things You Will Need For Your First Clinical Trial Site Selection Visit?

I have received many questions in the past from viewers, partners and even clients in regards to what a research clinic needs to have in place for a site selection visit.  These are the bare minimum requirements but I hope this video will be helpful to some of you who are anxious about your first site selection visits.

Clinical Research Site Operations Basic Overview

In this video I interview one of my clinical research study coordinators to get his perspective on what some basic clinical research site operations consist of.  For a complete introduction crash course on clinical research check out this page on my blog.    Some of the topics covered in this interview consist of screening visits, equipment calibration, randomization, data entry, queries and site selection visits.