Being A Patient Recruiter Can Be Your Trojan Horse Into The Clinical Research Industry

i have said it time and time again but will continue say it: the best way to gain entry level experience in the clinical research industry is to start recruiting patients for clinical research centers in your area.  This can work for anyone who would like to be a study coordinator or a clinical research associate (as long as they meet minimum educational requirements).  

Gain Some Informed Consent Experience By Enrolling Yourself Into A Virtual Clinical Trial

I took the liberty to enroll myself in a virtual clinical trial via my iPhone.  The best part about all of this is that anyone can do this and learn what an Informed Consent is like.  


What Is A CTMS In A Clinical Trial?

In this video, I interview the founder of a clinical trial technology startup company and ask her for her definition of what a ctms is and what the practical implications are for sites that utilize clinical trial management systems.  


How To Use Free Online Tools To Find More Clinical Trial Opportunities, Physicians, and Market Intel

In the last blog post I walked you through how to use to locate potential studies for your clinical research site.  In this video, I discuss further about but also share 2 more online resources to help with your overall business development efforts.  

A New Way To Generate Clinical Research Studies That Your Competition Is Not Doing

I recently interviewed Darshan Kulkarni and he taught me a new way to do business development for my clinical research sites and clients.  In this video I walk you through this new strategy that is definitely worth giving a try.  


When You Have 0 Years Of Experience You Can't Lie Your Way Through A Clinical Research Job Interview

My CRA Academy students know better, but I receive dozens of emails on a weekly basis where candidates are shocked to discover that lying on their resumes is not a winning strategy to land a a job in the clinical research industry.  Go figure.  


How Clinical Researchers Can Use LinkedIn To Create Opportunities For Themselves

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful and popular platform for the clinical research industry.  In this video, I give examples for how anyone in this industry can leverage LinkedIn to build a reputation and personal brand for themselves and eventually create opportunities to further their careers.  

A Clinical Research Protocol Deconstructed

So many people have been reaching out to us asking for a typical clinical research protocol breakdown.  In this video we give it our best attempt in what we have surprisingly never covered before on this blog.  


Negotiating your clinical trial budgets too hard?

Many new research clinics are fearful of losing studies and therefore do not push hard enough during their contract and budget negotiations.  In this video I discuss what you should do if you ever find yourself in this situation.  

The Process Of Obtaining Your First Clinical Research Study

I have been speaking to many potential clinical trial site owners lately, and they all naturally inquire about how to go about getting their first study.  In this video I share some strategies for how to accomplish this.  My consulting firm can also help with this as well for a small monthly fee.  

Use To Recruit For Your Clinical Research Studies

We try to provide fresh strategies for many activities in clinical research on a regular basis.  In this video we discuss how, an online video game streaming platform, could possibly help you recruit more patients for your clinical trials.  


Get More Clinical Trials By Re marketing To Your Existing Study Contacts

I am always blogging about how to reach new customers during your clinical research business development endeavors.  In this video we introduce a new concept: re-marketing to your existing customers.  Sounds easy but I bet many aren't doing it!

Questions A Clinical Research Site Can Ask A CRA At A Site Selection Visit

Clinical trial sites are constantly getting peppered with questions at their site selection visits, in this video I discuss how to turn the tables and ask the CRA some questions of your own.  


How To Prospect Physicians To Participate In Clinical Research With Your Company

One of our core stakeholders as clinical research site owners are physicians.  In this video I share some strategies for how one can prospect for more physicians to join their clinical research site.  


The Difference In Clinical Research Responsibilities Between A Principal Investigator and A Site Owner

Received a good question from a viewer who was confused about how responsibilities of a clinical trial and a clinical research site should be divvied up between a Principal Investigator and a site owner or other research staff.  

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What Clinical Research Conferences Or Networks Should I Attend?

There are hundreds of conferences you can choose to attend in this industry, but which ones in my opinion are best?  In this video I give my two cents on this topic.  


The 5 Steps To Getting Started In Clinical Research An Interview With Bench To Clinical CRA

In this video I interview Jenny from BenchtoClinical blog.  In the interview we discuss the 5 steps to getting started in the clinical research industry for individuals looking to get involved in this space.  This is good for anyone wanting to learn how to be a CRA, study coordinator, project manager or any of the other dozen clinical trial job titles.  


What Are The Benefits Of Being A Principal Investigator In Clinical Research?

This is a video that you should share with any physician that you are trying to educate in regards to participating in clinical trials.  

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How A Clinical Research Site Can Follow Up On Late and Overdue Payments From Sponsors Or CRO's

Getting payment for overdue delivered work in a clinical research study can often be frustrating for a clinical trial site.  In this video I discuss some strategies that may work.  

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The Difference Between Major and Minor Issues In Clinical Research

In this video I was helping one of my CRA Academy interns navigate her way through some clinical research source documentation and protocol deviations.  We also discuss monitoring letters and reports and a slew of other differences between major and minor issues when you are monitoring a site.