Random Clinical Trial Mailbox Grab Bag Of Questions On Site Ownership, Clinical Research Careers and More

In this video and bonus podcast episode, I discuss typical questions my viewers have when they watch, listen or read any of the content I put out.  


What Is In A Clinical Research Associate Monitoring Report?

There are many future clinical research associates and even research site employees that may be curious as to what a typical interim monitoring visit trip report looks like.  In this video I deconstruct a typical monitoring visit report and discuss some of the key elements.  


How To Spot A Clinical Research Scam Study

Unfortunately there are many predators in this industry that take advantage of research naive individuals and companies.  In this video I discuss how to recognize a scam, or any opportunity that seems to good to be true.  When in doubt, ask me (949) 415-6256.  


Clinical Research Marketing 101: How To Attract More Patients, Physicians and Sponsors

Here is a recent webinar we hosted on how clinical research companies can reach out to patients, physicians, or other companies in the life sciences industry.  Content marketing is critical in a 2018 world.  I encourage you to reach out to me through my digital agency if this is something you would like me to help with.  


How To Name Your Clinical Research Company and Does It Even Matter

What's in a name?  Well, I believe it doesn't really matter at the end of the day in the clinical research industry.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a name that has sentimental value, I also believe that you don't have to put yourself through torture to come up with a name.  


Having A Full Time Job and Owning A Clinical Research Site

When starting your first clinical research site, it is quite possible (as well as common) to hold on to your day job for the first 6 months or so until the clinic starts generating some revenue.  In this video I discuss some ways in which clinical researchers can have a full time job AND a clinical research clinic-at least at the beginning of the site's existence.  


Always Have A Backup Plan When It Comes To Your Clinical Research Career

Nothing is guaranteed to last forever.  In this video I share some strategies for any clinical research professional in the industry to employ when looking to diversify their capabilities and opportunities.  


Have Someone Who has Experience Negotiating Clinical Research Budgets and Contracts Onboard

It is imperative for novice clinical research sites to have someone experienced and knowledgeable in negotiating contracts and budgets be involved in the budget negotiation process.


Why Running A Clinical Research Site Is Much Easier Than Running A CRO

In this video I break down some of the reasons why I think the best way into the CRO world is by first owning a clinical research site.  


The do's and dont's when starting your own clinical research company

In this longer, podcast style video I discuss what you should do and what you should not do when starting up your clinical research site.  


doing things you don't like, being patient, big budget, and more in clinical research

The importance of doing things you don't like, being a patient, having big budget studies in clinical trials and more are discussed in this video.  


Some Clinical Trials Pay The Bills While Others Generate HUGE Profits For Site Owners

Anyone who has owned a clinical research site for a certain number of years knows that some studies are better than others.  In this video I discuss the cycles that occur in the clinical research industry as well as the therapeutic indications, and how site owners should prepare to capitalize from these fluctuations.


How A CRA Can Prepare For Their First Interim Monitoring Visit

Clinical Research Associates conduct numerous monitoring visits throughout the course of a clinical trial.  In this video I discuss how a novice CRA can prepare for her first interim monitoring visit.  

Why I believe every clinical research company needs to use a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  I believe every clinical research organization needs to have a CRM to assist them in keeping up with their business prospects.  In this video I discuss what they are and how much a clinical researcher can benefit by using one.  

Clinical Research Feasibility Survey Breakdown

In this video, one of my study coordinators and I break down a clinical research feasibility survey, the type of document which every potential clinical trial site needs to fill out prior to being considered for a study.  

There are no shortcuts to clinical trial patient recruitment

There is a reason why clinical trial patient recruitment is one of the industry's biggest challenges.  I am sorry to tell you that there are no shortcuts in this regard.  


If You're A Clinical Research Job Or Study Seeker You Need To Get On This Website Now!

clinicaltrials.gov is a completely underutilized platform for clinical research professionals looking for their next opportunity in the industry.  

Use Clinicaltrials.gov to get studies for your clinical research site and job opportunities for yourself

I geniunely believe that clinicaltrials.gov is the most underappreciated website in the clinical research industry.  Not only is it a portal for patients to find studies, it is also used by research sites and CRO's to find new business opportunities, and it can be utilized by potential clinical research employees or contractors to find their next job in the industry.  

A Clinical Research Protocol Synopsis Breakdown As We Write A Protocol For Our Contract Research Organization

Ever wondered what a clinical research protocol synopsis actually consists of.  In this long video we break down a typical protocol synopsis and discuss some of the key elements that most share.  


Some typical clinical research associate pain points

In this video I attempt to highlight some common clinical research associate pain points for the aspiring CRA's.