How Anyone Can Advance Their Clinical Research Career

I once heard someone tell me that in clinical research, people don't get fired they just quit.  There is always tremendous demand for talented individuals in this industry, and often times there is a great shortage of qualified workers in clinical trials.  In this video I discuss how to keep leveling up in this industry if that is something you choose to do.  

The Practical Solution To Determine Clinical Research Coordinator Workload

It is often heard in clinical research circles that clinical research coordinators are worth their weight in gold.  It is also discussed how research site's can do a better job in study coordinator retention.  In this video I talk about what an appropriate workload should be for a clinical research coordinator and what a research site can do to effectively evaluate this often overlooked metric.  

Make Sure Your Clinical Research Site Is Following Your SOP's and GCP Guidelines

One of the biggest findings during a clinical research site audit by either a Sponsor, the FDA, or a CRO is the lack of PI oversight.  Number 2 on this list is findings that the research site is not following their own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).  In this video I discuss why this is important and what your research clinic can do about it.  

It Pays Clinical Research Sites To Have A Good Relationship With Their CRA's

It drives me crazy as both a Clinical Research Associate and a Site Director that some clinical research sites do not understand the value of treating their CRA's right.  In this video I discuss some reasons why I believe having a good working relationship with your CRA is more important than just about anything in this industry.