How To Motivate and Keep Track Of Physician Referrals in Clinical Research

I received a question from a research site that deals with numerous physicians and luckily for them, numerous patient referrals.  In this video I offer some guidance on how they could possibly keep these physicians motivated to continue referring, as well as how to logistically handle these referrals.

Lots Of Actionable Clinical Research Patient Recruitment Strategies

There is so much hyperbole revolving around patient recruitment for clinical trials these days that it is very difficult to find content that gives actual practical advice that anyone can begin implementing immediately.  Buzzwords and industry jargon such as "patient centricity" and others sound great but do very little in the way of actually getting more patients into trials.  In this video, Monica and I discuss several action oriented strategies to help you out in your clinical trial recruitment efforts.



Why SMO's Have Bad Reputations

Site Management Organizations (SMO's) evolved over the past several decades from small research sites to nationwide research networks.  Unfortunately many developed bad reputations and Sponsors as well as CRO's have shied away from using the,  This video explains why, and I also get into some other topics such as how to obtain studies for your company and more.  Enjoy!

Everything You Need To Know About Clinical Research Drug Accountability

During the course of teaching at my CRA Academy, I realized that many people who are not as familiar with the clinical research industry were getting confused about drug accountability when it comes to clinical trials.  In this video, I break down the most important aspects of clinical trial investigational product drug accountability. 

How A Hospital and A Private Clinical Research Site Can Merge

I received a unique question from a viewer that touched upon numerous issues that might be of importance to some other audience members.  The first would be the difference between academic and industry funded clinical trials.  Another issue would be mergers and acquisitions amongst research sites.  Finally, a great amount of explanation into fundamental clinical research site operations was discussed.  I hope you find value here.  

How To Bootstrap Your Own Contract Research Organization

In the quest of launching my own Contract Research Organization this year, I have stumbled across several strategies for bootstrapping your own CRO.  Mind you however, my team has been laying the foundation for this CRO for the past decade so while we are only now offering our full CRO services, we have been gathering our resources for quite some time.  While the infrastructure we have laid out may not be practical for a brand new startup, many of these bootstrapping activities and strategies might.  

How A New Research Clinic Can Attract Experienced Clinical Research Coordinators

It's actually not that difficult.  If you have a brand new clinical research site, finding an experienced clinical research study coordinator is probably your best option.  This is especially the case if you, the site owner, does not have any experience.  Often times, experienced study coordinators may feel under appreciated at their current place of employment, or perhaps it is a clinic that rewards their good work with more work.  Whatever the case may be, you can usually find a good study coordinator without much effort.  In this video I describe some strategies.

You Can Outsource Just About Any Function In Clinical Research

Clinical trials can get quite complex and many research clinics have started noticing even more complicated protocols as the number of total research sites continues to increase every year.  It is no wonder that many site directors and study coordinators may get intimidated when confronted with a particular assessment, or perhaps a piece of equipment that the Sponsor requires the site to have.  Fortunately, everything and anything can be outsourced by the site to specialists who routinely conduct said assessments.  As a general rule, I never tell a Sponsor that I cannot do something.  If I am unsure of what they are even referring to, I still reply with "I will find out for you".  Hope this helps!

The Best Way To Get Started in the Clinical Research Industry

So many of you want to get started in the clinical research industry but have no clue how.  In this video I give some advice for those individuals in this situation.  Let me know if any strategies have worked for you in the past.  Here is an article I wrote recently about how you can get started in this line of work without any prior experience.  Hope it helps.  

So You Have Your First Clinical Research Study, Now What?

Many new research site owners are relieved when they learn that they have just been accepted to participate in their first clinical trial.  This is a natural feeling, however, there is little time to relax.  This is where the real work begins.  In this video I explain what happens next so you can get a better idea of what you can expect.

Clinical Research Project Manager Interview Questions

On this blog, I try to give practical advice to anyone who may be interested in learning more about the clinical research industry.  While a lot of attention has been given to the research sites, CRA's, and the like, not very much has been said about project managers.  In this video I discuss some common interview questions that a CRO or a pharmaceutical company might ask of any potential project manager candidate.  Hope this can help some of you out!

Sponsors, CRO's and Research Sites: A Bird's Eye View Of How These Pieces Fit Together In A Clinical Trial

In the clinical research industry, it is quite easy to get lost in the details of what we are actually doing.  For new entrants into the field, I have already created a 2 hour crash course of what clinical research entails,  however I realize many of you are still having a hard time understanding the bigger picture in this line of work.  In this interview I conducted with a brand new student who has enrolled in my CRA Academy, I answer some of his questions and give him a general overview of the entire clinical research industry including many of the key moving parts.  I hope this will be able to help many others out there!

Is It Mandatory To Attend Clinical Trial Investigator Meetings?

One of the most frequent questions I receive from my startup clinical research clients involve Investigator Meetings.  What occurs at these Investigator Meetings?  Are they mandatory to attend?  Who typically goes?, etc.  Hope this video can help some others out there who are asking these same questions.