When Does IRB Advertising Approval Become Necessary In A Clinical Trial?

Since there are very few if any guidelines in the clinical research industry when it comes to social media study participant recruitment, I decided to make this video offering some practical advice on how I would handle certain scenarios.  Always check with your own Institutional Review Board to be on the safe side.

How Clinical Research Freelancers Should Negotiate With Large Multinational Corporations

Here is a video for all of the clinical research freelancers, independent contractors, and general consultants out there.  A large percentage of the workforce in the clinical trials industry is made up of non employees.  In this video we discuss ways that these particular individuals can generate more business for themselves.  

What Kind Of Services Does A CRO Provide?

In my process of launching my own CRO startup, I have broken down what a CRO typically does into tiny manageable chunks that we can look into and learn from.  New business models are created when inefficiencies are discovered in the previous ones.  In fact, the inefficiencies of the drugmakers during the clinical trial process is precisely what paved the way for modern day CRO's.  These days, the riches are in the niches as new inefficiencies emerge due to new technologies.  

How Can You Present A Clinical Trial To A Physician With Limited Information?

In an ideal world, when you are presenting a potential clinical study opportunity to a Principal Investigator, one would have the protocol or at least a slide deck available.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and use entrepreneurs have to navigate around this dilemma.  In this video I describe some strategies that I have used in the past and some that may potentially work for you. 



How Clinical Researchers Can Increase Their Business Significantly

I never understood why the idea that as business owners we are actually salespeople has never quite resonated with those of us in the clinical research industry.  We are no different than any other industries in the sense that as owners, entrepreneurs, business development staff or even managers, it is our primary duty to be salespeople for our organizations.  

We Need To Be More Solution Oriented If We Are To Own Our Own Clinical Research Sites

In this video I go off on a semi rant, but one that I feel is necessary in many cases.  If you are going to own your own clinical research site, there will be many challenging situations that will arise.  It will always be easier to find reasons why you shouldn't do something, however, as an entrepreneur, it is your duty to yourself, your employees, and your patients to try to find solutions rather than emphasizing the problems at hand.  

How To Get More Physicians Interested In Clinical Research and Their 2 Biggest Objections

In this video I discuss how a clinical research site or any organization for that matter, should go about getting new physicians to join their companies.  I also discuss the two biggest objectives that I get when personally going out to recruit doctors.